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  • Concentric Squares

    Concentric Squares

    $16.00 - $3,880.00
    Hand tufted of 100% wool, our Concentric Squares rug features wide strips of pure merino wool for texture, and bold colors. A reproduction of an antique, this hand-made area rug is a perfect addition...
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  • Ledges Ledges


    $16.00 - $3,880.00
    Inspired by granite rock formations, our Ledges rug captures the natural textures with specially-dyed gray yarns offset with super soft natural cut pile. Expertly woven with 100% polyester yarns for...
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  • Gradations


    $16.00 - $4,615.00
    The luxurious wool yarn of our Gradations rug is carefully dyed to transition from lighter shades at the ends to darker in the center and expertly hand-woven with a dense, plush cut pile. A perfect...
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  • Illusion


    $16.00 - $2,415.00
    Stacked bricks of soft color build a stunning design of wavy pinstriped blocks rendered in dozens of muted shades and subtly defined by a three-dimensional effect. One hundred hues are included in...
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  • Soiree


    $16.00 - $2,415.00
    Swirling jewel tones rendezvous with deep vibrant hues in a lush leafy pattern reminiscent of rich damask designs. Tie-dyed yarns add a multitude of subtle shadings, resulting in a hand-tufted rug...
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  • Color Code

    Color Code

    $16.00 - $2,415.00
    An exuberant design featuring a painter?s palette of exciting modern tones, Color Code makes it easy to find your own decorating shades among its graphic gradations of a hundred different hues...
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  • Blue Quartz

    Blue Quartz

    $7.00 - $4,630.50
    MRP: $16.00 - $6,615.00
    The abstract artistry of Blue Quartz was inspired by the natural beauty of the iconic crystal gemstone, evoking calm and positivity in subtle reflective shades that vary from light to dark. Ranging...
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  • Acacia Acacia


    $16.00 - $3,145.00
    A colorful celebration of the centuries-old Tree of Life pattern, our unique interpretation uses bright, unexpected hues for a fresh take on a classic design symbolic of growth and new beginnings...
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  • Kuba Kuba


    $117.00 - $463.50
    MRP: $390.00 - $1,545.00
    Evocative of Central African arts, this graphic rug was inspired by the handmade charm of an actual antique Kuba cloth, which is a traditional fabric woven from raffia palm leaves. Beautifully...
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  • Delphine Delphine


    $16.00 - $5,295.00
    A rhapsody of true blues, our traditional French tile pattern lends its graceful geometry to Delphine, a classic, hand-woven Soumak rug. Weft yarns are wrapped over and under warp yarns for the...
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  • Fairfield


    $16.00 - $3,145.00
    Reminiscent of a stonewall-lined path along a tranquil waterway, our Fairfield rug brings to life the panoramic views of nature. Pleasant neutral shades of natural, driftwood, and gray heather with a...
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  • Log Cabin Log Cabin

    Log Cabin

    $16.00 - $3,145.00
    Inspired by a classic hooked rug design, Log Cabin is resplendent with the same vibrancy as our most popular Acacia rug. Hand-tufted with two-ply yarns, this timeless geometric design is a perfect...
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