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  • Kuba Kuba


    $117.00 - $463.50
    MRP: $390.00 - $1,545.00
    Evocative of Central African arts, this graphic rug was inspired by the handmade charm of an actual antique Kuba cloth, which is a traditional fabric woven from raffia palm leaves. Beautifully hand-tufted of 100% jute with a dense loop pile; the rug...
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  • Delphine Delphine


    $16.00 - $5,295.00
    A rhapsody of true blues, our traditional French tile pattern lends its graceful geometry to Delphine, a classic, hand-woven Soumak rug. Weft yarns are wrapped over and under warp yarns for the intricate construction, providing pliable strength and...
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  • Tula Tula


    $11.20 - $829.50
    MRP: $16.00 - $1,185.00
    Inspired by tall blades of grass breezing by on summer days, Tula is ultra soft underfoot. Driftwood colored yarns alternate with variegated shades of green and blue jewel tones in this hand-woven delight. GoodWeave certified.
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  • Harrison


    $16.00 - $1,690.00
    Inspired by Scottish tweeds, Harrison is a smart, traditional and stylish rug ideal for coordinating with other patterns in the home. A textural foundation for the room, it is great for layering with your favorite prints for upholstery. GoodWeave...
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  • Fairfield


    $16.00 - $3,145.00
    Reminiscent of a stonewall-lined path along a tranquil waterway, our Fairfield rug brings to life the panoramic views of nature. Pleasant neutral shades of natural, driftwood, and gray heather with a hint of charcoal are complemented by navy and light...
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  • Log Cabin Log Cabin

    Log Cabin

    $16.00 - $3,145.00
    Inspired by a classic hooked rug design, Log Cabin is resplendent with the same vibrancy as our most popular Acacia rug. Hand-tufted with two-ply yarns, this timeless geometric design is a perfect complement for colorful open-room concepts. GoodWeave...
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  • Griffin


    $16.00 - $3,145.00
    Abstract geometry lends the study of shape and space to our gracious design. Textural diamonds and triangles are rendered in multiple natural shades, complemented by mottled denim blue and sunny saffron yellow. Hand-tufted of 100% wool yarns in...
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  • Positano Positano


    $8.00 - $1,572.50
    MRP: $16.00 - $3,145.00
    The extraordinary color and light of the Italian coast inspired the Old World charm of Positano. Artistically combining the hues of water, sun, sky and foliage into a vintage Italianate motif, this lush rug has been uniquely designed to convey the...
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  • Williamsburg Williamsburg


    $16.00 - $1,690.00
    A nod to Colonial Williamsburg and the textiles of the 17th century, our rug showcases the eye-catching designs of the past. The floral pattern in red, navy, soft green and yellow is both lively and traditional. GoodWeave certified.
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  • Batik


    $16.00 - $1,690.00
    The distressed look of Batik in fresh ivory and washed denim blue plays on the fresh, modern spirit combined with a traditional nomadic design. Infuse energy into any space with this tonal rug with subtle hues from indigo to pale blue.
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  • Hibiscus Hibiscus


    $16.00 - $3,145.00
    Beautiful. Blooming hibiscus enlivens any space while calling to mind the charm of vintage fabric. Vibrant-hued yarns are twisted, tufted and looped to create a garden variety of texture and visual appeal we can't get enough of?and neither will you...
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  • Rhapsody


    $11.20 - $1,466.50
    MRP: $16.00 - $2,095.00
    In brilliant jewel tones, this hand-tufted beauty features high-twist yarns, cut and looped for a rhapsody of sophisticated color and the appeal of a vintage rug. Durable construction offers minimal shedding, the perfect choice for high-traffic areas.
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