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  • Razzamatazz


    $16.00 - $2,525.00
    Cascading stripes flow freely across this design making it perfect for adding life and fun to any room. We spun several shades of recycled polyester fleece for each stripe, creating a thick and durable hand-crafted feel with a unique character in every...
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  • Pavilion


    $16.00 - $2,525.00
    Inspired by the flowers and shapes of colorful Talavera tiles, our overscale design is hand-spun using multiple shades of recycled polyester fleece to create a textural statement look. The durable and easy-to-clean thick, loop pile is perfect for high...
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  • Rainbows


    $16.00 - $1,995.00
    Timeless hooked rug designs always inspire us, and our Rainbows rug is no exception. We used a broad palette of specially-dyed, thick wool yarns to create an overall vintage feel flexible enough to fit just about any color scheme.
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  • Medina Medina


    $16.00 - $6,295.00
    Evoking the maze-like magic of the classic walled cities of North Africa, Medina tells a timeless tale with handspun yarns that are specially dyed from dark to light, creating rich gradations of color. A stunning accompaniment to multiple decors,...
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  • Gemstones


    $16.00 - $3,880.00
    Brilliant colors and high quality hand-weaving techniques are the hallmarks of the Lori tribes of Persia. Our Gemstones Rug celebrates these ancient traditions with a glorious contemporary sensibility. Overtufted with a subtle geometric motif, the...
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  • Jasper


    MRP: $2,410.00
    Although it evokes an abstract modernism, Jasper's burnished patina was actually inspired by an antique rug that had been softened and faded over time by countless footsteps. Melodious yellows and camel tones, embellished by silvery grays and hints of...
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  • Carlton Carlton


    $337.50 - $3,147.50
    MRP: $675.00 - $6,295.00
    Indigo and denim blues dance with lake and aqua tones to create a refreshing, timeless design. Carlton is at once tribal yet elegant. Variegated, space-dyed yarns emphasize the artisanal beauty of the pattern. Fine wool is hand-washed for a softer hand...
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  • Florence


    $447.50 - $4,406.50
    MRP: $895.00 - $6,295.00
    Inspired by the symmetry of classical ornamentation, a deep border in a stone color frames a Renaissance design that blends shades of green and aqua. The variegated, space-dyed yarns create an aged, artisanal appearance. In its final stage, each Florence...
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  • Seville Seville


    $16.00 - $3,880.00
    Drawing on traditional geometric designs from the Lori tribes of Persia, the bold Seville is a statement worth noting. The saturated shades of red, the color of energy and passion, make this a standout piece in the modern home. Seville's deep color...
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  • Almond Blossom

    Almond Blossom

    $16.00 - $8,395.00
    Ethereally elegant, flowering branches of delicate almond blossoms are exquisitely rendered on this opulent hand-knotted original. The soft focus of the design is enhanced by a creamy background with subtle striations of smoky gray. Fine wool yarns in a...
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  • Cranes Cranes


    $4.80 - $1,798.50
    MRP: $16.00 - $5,995.00
    Known as "the bird of happiness" in Japanese culture, the crane represents good fortune and longevity. Inspired by this mystical creature, we used the artwork of an intricate vintage wood-cut from Japan and reinterpreted it as a sumptuous hand-knotted...
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  • Hardanger


    $16.00 - $1,690.00
    Inspired by centuries-old white work embroidery techniques, we created Hardanger (rhymes with hanger) by hand-tufting traditional motifs on a soft denim ground. We reproduced the high-low embroidery style with thick, natural wool yarn on a lower loop...
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