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  • Mountmellick


    $16.00 - $2,895.00
    The intricate weave of our Mountmellick rug is reminiscent of the 19th century white work embroidery techniques from the Irish town of the same name. Floral motifs and a geometric border are tightly woven into the design for a super-textural feel. The...
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  • Diamond Stripe

    Diamond Stripe

    $16.00 - $1,690.00
    A modern, geometric, and graceful pattern of diamonds comes to life in this rug. Spice-colored, space-dyed yarns add a pop of color to the soothing natural tones, bringing a fun mix to the piece.
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  • Barranco


    $16.00 - $1,335.00
    The Barranco rug gives a nod to its namesake cultural district of Peru and evokes feelings of bohemian romance. Hand-tufting in thick, space-dyed yarns creates a swirl of soft, organic elements for a fanciful artisanal effect. The uniquely-dyed yarns...
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  • Art & Soul

    Art & Soul

    $16.00 - $3,880.00
    Our pure wool Art and Soul rug is hand-tufted, and a true statement piece. Multi-textural, Art and Soul features hand-hooked and embroidered elements for a stunning visual addition to any room while lending an artsy one-of-a-kind look. GoodWeave...
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  • Jazzy


    $11.20 - $1,690.00
    MRP: $16.00 - $1,690.00
    This colorful stripe creates lively rhythm for your interiors. Each color is specially-dyed to add subtle variations across each row, while the loop pile is perfect for high traffic areas. GoodWeave certified.
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  • Orford


    $16.00 - $1,335.00
    Inspired by wallpaper in historic New England homes, Orford is hand-tufted with plush navy and soft blue wool yarns on a light gray ground. This design is perfect for today?s transitional interiors. GoodWeave certified.
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  • Bristol Bristol


    $16.00 - $1,570.00
    Inspired by this seaport at the head of Narragansett Bay, Bristol exudes the quintessential nautical colors of a centuries-old sailing community. The reversible stripe is a perfect foundation for high traffic areas. Hand-woven in performance polyester...
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  • Eastman


    $11.20 - $1,465.00
    MRP: $16.00 - $1,465.00
    Spills and mud are no problem for this textured stripe hand-made with easy to clean, specially-dyed performance polyester yarns made from recycled plastic bottles. This reversible stripe in indigo and lake is a perfect foundation for high traffic areas...
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  • Rhoma


    $8.00 - $785.00
    MRP: $16.00 - $1,570.00
    With its subtle geometry and classic border, Rhoma pairs beautifully with organic prints for a fresh coastal feel. This reversible rug is a perfect foundation for high traffic areas. Hand-woven in performance polyester yarns made from recycled plastic...
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  • Sorrento Sorrento


    $16.00 - $2,525.00
    The old-world charm of Sorrento comes to life in this updated traditional design. Performance yarns in a soft palette make it a stylish foundation for your high traffic areas. GoodWeave certified.
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  • Cayo Cayo


    $16.00 - $2,525.00
    Abstract motifs in aquatic colors fill our Cayo rug with a whimsical coastal feel. The 100% polyester performance yarns are perfect for high traffic areas.
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  • Tweedy


    $16.00 - $2,830.00
    Our iconic hand-tufted Tweedy rug is 100% wool, and incorporates six hues in each design to bring sophisticated texture and dimension to any room. GoodWeave certified.
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