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  • Leighton Leighton


    $29.40 - $138.00
    MRP: $98.00 - $460.00
    To create this multi-seasonal bed cover, we've reconstructed a plaid design to give it an edgier modern appearance. Jacquard weaving accentuates the textural geometry of this lightweight layering piece in shades of gray and cream with a hint of slate...
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  • Waffle Weave

    Waffle Weave

    $22.50 - $113.40
    MRP: $75.00 - $378.00
    A textural and visual wonder, our Waffle Weave Coverlet is a modern layering piece for the bed. Intricately woven with the softest, most luxurious blend of linen and cotton, it adds a lightweight layer of warmth to the bedding ensemble. Each piece is...
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  • Ellora Ellora


    $23.40 - $89.40
    MRP: $78.00 - $298.00
    Inspired by the ancient hand-carved temples of Ellora, squares and diamonds weave a soft tonal texture in white, driftwood or platinum. With its gorgeous pattern play, this elegant bedding adds rich dimension to the bedroom. Made of luxurious Egyptian...
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